Get the Most out of Your (too short) Weekend


You’re probably looking forward to the weekend.  You’ve probably made plans:  a movie, a show or an hour of Bikram yoga (to release the week’s toxic build-up).  Maybe you’ve made no plans with the intention to R-E-L-A-X.  I know I try very hard not to book up my weekends.  Weekends are sacred ‘family-time’.  But if your family is anything like mine things get crazy quickly – almost as soon as the neighbor’s lawnmower roars to life.  There are a bazillion (not a real word I know) things to do.  Almost as much (sometimes more) than the things we have to get done during the week.  My eldest son for example plays sport – not one or two but three.  If it’s not soccer, it’s rugby or tennis or an anxiety inducing combination of all three.  Sometimes my husband works weekends and doesn’t get to spend any time fussing over his vegetable patch in the back garden.   Sometimes the house falls apart quite literally and the gutters need a helping hand or the roof needs assurance that it can – it must – keep the rain from dripping through.  Is it me I wonder or is it beginning to feel like work doesn’t end?  To make matters worse time is speeding up (apparently a sign that I’m not getting any younger) and I still have a Bucket List the length of the Great Wall of China to live through (check it out on Pinterest under ‘Places I want to visit before I die’).   

So I have made some changes in an attempt to reclaim my weekend.

Here are my five tips:

  1. Minimize Distractions – yes, there are always going to be interruptions and unforeseen events but I’m referring here to time spent online.  Commit to checking your email maybe only once during the weekend 48hr period (I can hear your jaw drop) instead of checking your email every hour. 
  2. Silence your iPhone/Blackberry.  Yes.
  3. Make Something – Do something you absolutely love to do that you haven’t done in a really long while.  Bake a cake, build a birdhouse, write a song.
  4. Take a Road Trip or Follow the Tourists.  I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful city popular with tourists so I especially enjoy ‘following’ the tourists.  This means I have now visited most of my city’s museums, art galleries and natural attractions.
  5. Do nothing.  That’s right.  Think hammock.  Think beach.   Think Sleep. 

Best of Luck this weekend and remember to let me know how you spent your weekend (or at least intend to).






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