How to be less like Salinger and more like Atwood

Do you remember the good ol’ days before social networking?


I’m relatively new to this whole social media thing as I have mentioned before. I’m still not on Facebook for example.  Hard to believe I know, seeing as I am such an attractive and socially adept person 🙂 but the truth is I am shy or more truthfully in no hurry to reconnect with certain high school ‘friends’ or the ex-boyfriend who still expects a refund for all the roses he sent me twenty years ago.  Then there is my fascination with Old Hollywood icons and great writers like Harper Lee and JD Salinger and the idea of being remembered like Greta Garbo was as ‘The Last Mysterious Lady’. 

Let’s face it if I want to be a) a writer whose work is read and b) relevant (part of the 21st century) during a time when most writers will have to choose between finding another career or self-publishing then I have to be on Social Media; I have to build a platform.   Most of my favorite writers have done just that; built these incredible platforms that allow us access to their genius and motivations and processes.  I’m referring here to writers like Margaret Atwood and Cheryl Strayed for example.  Then there are others – prolific writers – whose work I admire that have no presence or a very limited presence on the web.  Why I wonder do these – most of them young under 40 writers – not have websites or blogs?  Is it because they are too busy working on their masterpieces or PhDs while I continue to ignore my own masterpiece because I have a platform to build?

The point is: I wish they did blog or at least had websites because how else will they ever know I admire their work and that they are an inspiration? (Unless I start a list here? Then maybe someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows that writer can pass on the message)

How else will I glean bits of useless but oddly fascinating information like do they write at the table in the kitchen of their teeny tiny New York apartment or in their own south-facing office in the country

Here’s why you should start blogging or tweeting or tumblring…

Your work whether you’re a great and famous writer or not serves as motivation.  Your life is an inspiration.  And really I have to know – I do – do you do your best work in the morning or late at night?







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