Mid-Week Meltdown and How to fall in love again with your novel

Ok.  So it hasn’t stopped raining for five days and the blanket of gray cloud outside has somehow made its way inside and into my head.

I have been staring at the same page (page 156) of my story (aka The Masterpiece) for two straight days.   I have rewritten entire chapters.  I have changed one of (3) protagonists’ first name not once but three times and then reverted to the original name.  I have killed one of my darling protagonists.   I have included a Prologue.  I have deleted the Prologue.  I have introduced heavy artillery.  I even exploded a bomb just for the heck of it.  I have printed it out in order to crumple it up and tear it up into thirty three pieces because I am slightly OCD and because tearing up writing – especially bad writing – is excellent stress relief.    Instead of telling I have been showing.  One protagonist now sports a nervous tick; the other carries a switchblade.   I have even (and this was a first for me) written biographies for each character because there is nothing worse than thin characterization and  while this has been helpful I still feel the story is missing something…and no, it’s not missing structure.  There is a beginning and there is a middle.  And I’m stuck in it.

I recommended tea and cookies.    If you have never had home baked peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies I highly recommend them as a cure-all….if you’re not diabetic or allergic to peanuts or gluten intolerant.  Tea has always been my go- to problem solver.  Everything just looks and feels better with a  cup of tea.    I am stepping away from the novel.  It is a conscious decision.  I am taking a vacation from The Masterpiece.  I need to hear it call out my name.  I need it to want me back.   But I’m curious:

How about you? How do you go about falling in love with your novel again?







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