Is your life good? Some ideas on how to make it better!

I did not post a Monday Motivation yesterday because it was Thanksgiving here in Canada and I was deep in turkey and stuffing and full with gratitude for family and grace.  So please forgive me (I am surfacing from a food coma) for this short and rambling post.

If your week did not start off so well:

1.  Eat a turkey sandwich.  It is packed with Tryptophan, an amino acid the body converts into the happy-making neurotransmitter serotonin.  And who doesn’t need more happy-making?

2.  Consider the question:  Is Life Good?


How to Be Happy: Just ask yourself one question. (Gustavo Vieira Dias, creative director of DDB Tribal Vienna)

3.  If your writing is not going so well or just not going at all (like mine because you ate too much turkey and you’re sleepy or your day job has kept you far too busy and you’re getting home depleted) seek astonishment in nooks and neglected places like old bookstores or in the attic/basement.   Open up a favorite childhood classic – preferably a picture book and be astonished by the brilliance of the illustrator’s imagination or a sentence sprinkled with faerie dust.  If you have small children, I envy you.  I do.  I miss reading EB White and Maurice Sendak out loud and I miss Good Night Moon and The Velveteen Rabbit.    I miss Roald Dahl.



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