A magical discovery

I had the privilege this week of hearing Charles Van Sandwyk speak about his work at my favourite little bookshop in North Vancouver. A good friend of mine introduced me to the wonder and magic of his illustrations and words only recently so it is with head hung low in shame that I share this discovery.  Like Charles I strongly believe more adults need to reconnect with their inner child or the child within hiding under the business suit.   Magic can still be found between the pages of beautifully bound books.


Afterglow, Charles Van Sandwyk

Charles artwork (etchings, watercolours etc) are collected worldwide and in 2005 he illustrated Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows which was the winner of the Grand Prix in the Printing World Awards 2006 for the finest achievement in British Printing.

I could not leave the talk (of course) without a purchase (or two or three) so here is a sample of his work from Canadian Content (2009). 


I’d like to introduce the greatest woodsman of them all.

Last time I checked he stood at nine foot, seven inches tall.

A fisherman, a forester

(who seldom combs his hair)

Why think about the massive chap we call the GRIZZLY BEAR!


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