More on snow and Holiday Traditions

Today I’m writing on the kitchen table (not quite in the sink but close enough) with a spectacular view of snow falling and accumulating on the boundary wall and on the neighbour’s red cedars.   I wanted to share this view with you and in fact I tried to capture it but my camera did not do it any justice (yes I am blaming the equipment) so I did the next best thing and went outside.

I stayed out longer than I expected.  Have I told you how much I love snow?  Especially this kind of snow and not the kind that leaves you blind and removed from the world.



Sadly it is a fallacy that Eskimos or the Inuit people have a hundred words for snow.    I wish they had.  Then I could use them. When I am out there breathing in the still white air my mind grasps for adjectives.  I wonder, What makes you grasp for adjectives?

Growing up in the Southern Hemisphere meant that I only ever had Christmas in Summer. My sister and I would lie on a small patch of lawn on Christmas eve watching the sky for Santa’s sleigh.  We spotted Santa – every time. I found out later of course that we were tracking some or other satellite across the night sky.    Sometimes we’d go to Midnight Mass with our grandparents; other times we’d be sick from overeating (candy, desserts – especially my gran’s amazing bread pudding)and be asleep before midnight.   And then we’d wake up to presents under the tree.  Christmas Day was always barbecue with family day. So no turkey and no goose for us which we (so desperately) coveted being fans of the story and the movie adaptation of Dickens’ The Christmas Carol.

When my children were born my husband and I introduced our own holiday traditions like the reading of Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch stole Christmas and of course turkey (and all the trimmings) and the baking of cookies!


What holiday traditions make your holidays special?


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