Give more of what you want this year

I have got a lot better at keeping my butt on the chair…so much so that I gained oh, fifteen pounds (maybe more) last year in my quest to keep my butt on the chair and my eyes on the screen/or page.   But keeping my butt on the chair didn’t equate to more writing or more reading.  In fact going over my journals (yes I keep more than one for each year) I did a lot more cutting and pasting and doodling and drawing than I did writing.  While this realisation does not exactly make me want to whoop with joy it did help me realize that I was actively creative in 2013. And that, for me, is a good thing. My intention is and has always been for every day of every year that I am breathing to do something creative and to be open to new ways of exploring my creativity.

How do you explore or nurture your creativity?  Do you stick to one craft or passion (like cooking or knitting or taking pictures) or do you dabble in several?

I promised to share with you my goals or intentions for this blog for 2014.

I would like this year to be the year I write more.  I plan to share not only my thoughts and points of view but also (more importantly) some of my stories.  I can tell you I break out into a cold sweat every time I think of sharing my fiction with others. I know I am not alone in this.  So I found this beautiful poster by to remind those of us who struggle with ‘putting ourselves and our work out there’ to be brave.  


On a more personal note I hope to give more of what I want this year.  This I can assure you also calls for lashings of courage.  The sharing of our passion and time and resources calls for not only a radical shift in thinking but some serious time management!  The principle is simple:  The more you give out, the more you take in.  So if all you put out is anger, frustration, lack or limitation that is what you get back.  This year I hope my actions will reflect my thoughts on love, gratitude, abundance and creativity.  

What do you hope to give more of?


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