3 Ways To Become Unstoppable

Do you have a particular negative belief on automatic replay in your head?

Maybe you have more than one ‘voice’ telling you you’re wasting your time pursuing a dream.   Maybe you were told once a long time ago when you still dreamed in rainbow colours that you would never grow up to be a star or an astronaut or a marine biologist or a published author:-) and those icky words still clog your mind like black sludge.

Maybe today you woke up thinking that inner voice has a point.  Maybe you’re reaching.  Maybe despite all the hard work and effort you’re still very much on the last rung of that proverbial ladder.  Maybe you should just give up; throw in the towel and let your life revert to …what? someone else’s idea of normalcy.

In my extended family there are a handful of people who whenever they see me at certain family gatherings and hear I continue to write(still working on that novel?) shake their ol’ heads and laugh.  I believe we all know someone who has tried to crush the life out of our dreams or continues to throw cold water on our hopes.  I have learned over the years to do three things:

1) Grow a thick skin

2) Cut ties and let go of people who do not support my dreams

It takes time to grow a leathery hide with the magical ability to deflect negative opinion and it takes an equally long time to find a pair of scissors to cut those ties that bind us to people who pull us down.

3) Challenge my thoughts.  I challenge my negative beliefs on a daily basis. You can do the same.  Every time you hear yourself think ‘I can’t do this.  It’s too hard.’ or ‘I’m not clever enough or rich enough or connected enough’ stop and remember Einstein.

The thinking that has brought me this far has created some problems that this thinking can’t solve

Oftentimes we need to look at a ‘problem’ from a new angle.  You have to examine your ‘problem’ the way you would an elephant. Start with the trunk and end with the tail.   Sometimes you do have to follow a certain path like studying further or practicing your craft. Sometimes you just need to get out more and broaden your horizons. Invite a friend over for a cup of tea or coffee and get a fresh perspective on what needs to be done to get you to achieve a certain goal.

Remember we live in a world where we are constantly reminded of our limitations rather than our potential.  Take the challenge and defeat that negative inner conversation!

What negative belief do you wrestle with the most?


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