Immortal Love

I made a deal with myself at the end of last year that a) I would read more fiction in 2014 and more specifically b) that I would read more books in genres I have ignored or snubbed my nose at for far too long and c)I would buy a few books written by underrated authors and self-published authors or authors whose publishers don’t have massive publicity and marketing budgets.  I want to for example read more Fantasy and I’d like (finally) time travel and explore new worlds in Science Fiction.


Are there any genres that you intentionally or maybe unconsciously avoid?  Why?

Last night (or rather in the dark wee hours of this morning) I finished Kim Wilkins’ wonderful Giants of the Frost.  This is the story of Victoria Scott a scientist/meteorologist who accepts a position at an isolated island weather station in the Norwegian Sea.

But there are shadows outside her cabin window, a hag in her dreams and a disturbing sense of familiarity the deep, haunted forest.

On Asgard. the world of the old gods, Odin’s son Vidar has exiled himself from hos cruel family to await the reincarnation of his beloved; a woman his father murdered a thousand years ago

I was hooked from the short Prologue to the very surprising End.  This is a clever and intricately plotted love story populated by a host of very real mortals with very real everyday issues and desires and mythic creatures like a lake-dwelling draugr and a wood wight named Skripi (loved him!) made of branches and twigs and oily black eyes.  Also the author does an incredible job of bringing Asgard and its gods like Vidar, Odin, Loki and Thor to life.

It’s a happy day.  I have another favourite author.

What are you currently reading? 


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