When Was the Last Time You Had a Deep Emotional Connection to Someone or Something?

When was the last time you had a deep emotional connection to someone or something?

I remember the first time I saw the ocean.  It was nothing like the glassy lake my sister and I used to swim in on hot Summer weekends.  There was nothing of that inner city lake’s quiet reflection or gentle lapping.  The ocean was something altogether different.  It was wild and beautiful and populated with mythical creatures and it was, as the saying goes, love at first sight.  The ocean I’m speaking of here is the Indian Ocean.  if you live or have every lived or visited that part of the world (East and Southern Africa, Western Australia etc) you will know what I mean when I say the ocean roars and the waves crash and in parts the currents are so dangerous that to venture into the water is a sure death.  

The beauty of the world we live in, is in its variety.  Did you know you can visit every ocean and sea in the world and have a completely different experience both on and in the water?   Anyway I digress…

I don’t recall anything about the hotels we stayed in over the years with my dad on our trips to the coast but I do recall in vivid detail every experience we had in the water.  One of the most memorable was the day my sister and I came very very close to swimming with a pod of bottlenosed dolphins.  We used to watch them make their way up and down the coastline every day from our vantage point on the dunes.  That near-encounter with those mammals while we were neck deep in water laughing and shrieking with excitement was and still is indescribable.  We felt no fear just especially privileged to play with them.  


image from http://www.redorbit.com

Years later my husband and I took our sons to a dolphin show at the Marine Land in a certain port city and I watched three bottlenosed dolphins jump through hoola hoops and pirouette for the crowd.  I wept like a baby.

And, I wept again last night during and after viewing the documentary Blackfish (on Netflix).  Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum the orca (held by SeaWorld and still performing for crowds) who was involved in the deaths of three individuals (two of them trainers) and the dangers of keeping killer whales in captivity. It also focuses on the harrowing details of how baby orcas are captured and trained. 

I can’t recommend this documentary enough.  


What has moved you so much that you feel compelled to talk/write about it?


One thought on “When Was the Last Time You Had a Deep Emotional Connection to Someone or Something?

  1. That is so true, Yolanda. Every ocean I’ve visited brings a brand new experience. I’ll never forget hiking in St. Lucia and seeing the Caribbean on one side of the mountain top and the Atlantic on the other…breathtaking and definitely something I wanted to talk about.

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