Lessons in Travel and Adventure

I love to travel and every year I look forward to our next adventure.  More often than not we travel by road and stay within Canada because it is a jaw-dropping beautiful country dotted with interesting towns and places but I am very – very – fond of air travel.  I love flying.  Do you?Image

I was six years old when I got on my first flight and I still get a kick out of watching airport officials stamp my passport.  I know people who don’t feel their holiday starts until they’ve showered, unpacked and headed out for the beach with a cocktail in hand.  I on the other hand feel the holiday starts on the plane or on the drive towards the holiday destination.  Maybe it’s because as a busy working mother and wife I value a meal I haven’t had to prepare.  Maybe it’s because I get to choose from a selection of latest movie releases most of which I wouldn’t have seen otherwise (and yes I totally try to see them all while I’m in the air). 

Once in a new country I quite literally sniff the air.  I like to pause long enough outside the airport to absorb the sights and sounds and I love catching public transport.  Nothing, in my opinion, captures the spirit of a nation like its public transport.  If there are no buses or shuttles or trains then you should have paid close attention to the travel advisories.  Chances are – unless you’re on a small island – that you’re in for a rough time -which I want to stress here, doesn’t necessarily equate to a disappointing holiday. But if you’re anything like me, you enjoy a little civilization like an active government; a police presence and running water.  

That said, I purposefully look for adventure and once spent a week on a mokoro canoe safari sharing the waterways with hippos and crocodiles.  I wish I had pictures to share with you but my heart was in my throat the whole time – that’s how scared I was!

On our road trips we ‘get lost’ on purpose.  I know how ridiculous that sounds but we like the road less travelled.  I think so far we must have driven down more than one hundred forest and dusty farm roads that have led us nowhere.  We’ve had our fair share of surprises not all of them pleasant. Like the unfriendly farmer who accused us of trespassing and the poisonous snake that joined our impromptu picnic, causing us to leave behind a much favoured blanket.  But’s it’s ok, life as they say is in the journey and not the destination.  Or something like that. 






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