Let Me Eat Cake…Please

I am a sucker for cake.   I want to say All Cake but that would be a lie.  I have had bad cake.  Once I had to force a thick slice of marzipan covered ‘vanilla’ cake that tasted like cardboard down my throat at a christening, because the person who baked it was standing beside me.   I was ill for days after.  Not bent-over-the-toilet-bowl-sick but sick in spirit.  Cake should be so good you want to dive into it naked.  Another time, at a wedding, I inhaled a piece of dense fruit cake just so it would skip my taste buds and graze my tonsils before falling into my near-bursting stomach (I had feasted on a plate of cream puffs).  This is not to say I don’t like fruit cake it’s just not chocolate.  Like Chocolate Decadence.  Or butter cream.  Or God help me, vanilla cake infused with maple and coffee cream.

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Some of my happiest memories involve cake.    Fancy birthday cakes, rich Black Forest cakes, Strawberry shortcakes and a neighbour’s humble but delicious honey cakes.    I remember her.  She was this gentle, old lady from Spain, famous in the neighbourhood for that one recipe.   A recipe that she ‘dabbled’ with, sometimes throwing in walnuts, other times ginger but mostly she would infuse it with love.  I gobbled it all up. 

I have been known to complain loudly if there is no cake (or cupcakes) at functions.  Even work functions.  When did cake became an ‘afterthought’.  Surely the purpose of having a reception or tea/coffee ‘meeting’ is for the cake?  I wanted a wedding reception so I could eat cake and still have some leftover for our first wedding anniversary breakfast.

Do you have a favorite cake/s? Please share. I’ll probably want some.


12 thoughts on “Let Me Eat Cake…Please

  1. A post about cake? Is there a word limit on comment posts?! Sometimes the only way to shut me up about cake is to give me some.
    I love everything about cakes. I love eating them, making them, decorating them, staring at pictures of them. I love traditional school cake sales and old-fashioned charity cake and coffee mornings. I love how family cake recipes are something only bequeathed on the next generation once they have been proved worthy. I love how the women from our church’s senior citizens’ group can arm-wrestle the parish priest and win every time because they have the kind of upper arm strength that comes from decades of creaming butter and sugar. I love the challenge of accommodating particular dietary requirements into cake-making and always enjoy the moment of revelation when someone finds out that the cake they just ate was indeed wheat-free, vegan, raw…
    My top two cake recipes are for a pistachio loaf cake and a chocolate buttermilk cake – I’m happy to share if they sound like your cup of tea / slice of cake. But my favourite cake, forever ever, is the chocolate biscuit cake which my sister makes for every family occasion, even though it’s too rich for everyone except me (wusses!) and which means she has to make another cake for everyone else but which she continues to make just for me and which I continue to eat even though I can’t fit into my jeans for a week afterwards, because I love that cake, I love my sister and my sister loves me.
    In conclusion, cake = love. Y/Y?

    • Oh why did I forget to mention church functions and Saturday markets? A favorite hunting ground for perfect cake. Pistachio loaf cake and chocolate buttermilk cake? Yes Please! When are we meeting for coffee?:-)

      • I could do with that coffee around about now!
        I don’t have my cookbooks to hand at the mo, but the pistachio loaf cake comes from The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days cookbook and has been plated up much more beautifully at thebountifulplate than anything I could offer: http://thebountifulplate.wordpress.com/2011/09/01/pistachio-loaf/
        I can’t find an online version of the chocolate buttermilk cake but it comes from the Tea with Bea cookbook, which is well worth a browse: http://shop.beasofbloomsbury.com/products/tea-with-bea
        It’s now teatime in Ireland and for some reason warm quinoa salad has just lost its appeal…

      • LOL!!! Warm quinoa salad! I wish I could say I was behaving and following a good, clean diet but at present we live on soups, stews and fresh bread ..and of course cakes and mug after mug of hot chocolate and tea…in Spring I will dust off the steamer and stock the shelves with wheatbran, chia seeds, flax and horrid tasting Green Shakes so that come Summer, I can face myself in the mirror again, in a bikini. If it wasn’t for my fondness of walking long distances I would have to give up cake altogether. Thank you so much for the recipes I will check them out.

    • I absolutely and unequivocally agree with you – Chococolate anything! And I know what you mean when you say you’re afraid to offend that is why I’ll eat any and all cake but if I rush through it, its usually not a good sign 🙂 cake has to be savored.

  2. You had me at chocolate 😉

    I had chocolate cake with strawberries and cream last night for hubby’s birthday. I actually bought it at the supermarket and it was delicious! I was surprised (thought it would taste like cardboard) – it was a huge hit and anything that I can buy without having to spend hours making myself is always a bonus 😀

    • I hear you Dianne! very rarely are the greatest tasting cakes the ones we bake ourselves. Why’s that? 🙂 My eldest son’s birthday is coming up in March and I can’t wait to get to choose the cake. When it comes to cake there is no democracy in our house.

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