How To Keep Doing What You Love

By now you’re probably aware of how this author wrote a blog asking JK Rowling to stop writing because “that book sucked the oxygen from the entire publishing and reading atmosphere”.   Yesterday Mark Pryor’s open letter to JK Rowling ‘Please Don’t  Stop Writing’ was published on Huffington Post.  Both posts are required reading and here’s why:

1.  No matter what you choose to do with your life you’re going to have your critics and your haters.  When the rose bouquets arrive so do the thorns.

2.  Decide early on why it is you do what you do and give it your all.  JK Rowling did not sit down to write Harry Potter for the money but even if she did what’s wrong with earning money? Consider the question:  Why do you write?  Is it because you cannot imagine doing anything else? Is it for the money or the acclaim? I write because I breathe.  I hope one day it will pay the bills.  If I earn enough money from my scribbles to buy me a castle then YAY for me.  I may even like JK Rowling, donate to various charities.

3.  Don’t envy another’s success.  Envy is the green and gooey by-product of fear.  And what you fear is your own light.  Consider the question:  Are you afraid to shine? More often than not success comes when you finally realize that who you are is enough. If this is all coming across as too ‘New Agey’ then let me put it this way:  engaging in fear-based thoughts is self-defeating as well as emotionally and intellectually depleting.  Don’t waste energy.

4.  There is more than enough to go around.  There will be a day and a time for you and your vision just like there will always be room for one of your books.   Don’t give up because you think the space has been filled or the seat taken.  Eliminate from your mind the notion that someone else has already taken your best.


4 thoughts on “How To Keep Doing What You Love

    • That’s the right attitude Jill 🙂 and you’re so right, jealousy and envy sap us of our best. I firmly believe that if you love your work (whatever it is but especially anything creative) others ‘pick’ up on it and will love it back.

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