Mrs Peacock In The Library With The Candlestick

I enjoy murder mysteries.  Especially cases populated with complex characters and intriguing clues.  I realized only recently that I have loved sifting through clues and motives since I was a child.

You see,  before I looked like a girl I played with boys.  I would have liked to play with girls (other than my sister) but from the age of five or so I found most girls were mean to me.   I don’t blame them.  I didn’t have the greatest role models in the my life and tea parties with plastic cups didn’t interest me.  I was a very active child despite my fondness for reading.  I loved climbing things, rollerblading and cycling.  So I gravitated towards the boys who seemed to be, like me, always outdoors and they took me in, which is a marvel really since  I wasn’t pretty, though one boy – his name was Joaquin – told me I had beautiful blue eyes.  I remember flushing with pleasure when he complimented me so it’s a pity really that my eyes are not blue or green or anything in between.

On bad weather days my  friends and I would spend hours indoor reading comics, playing Risk and Monopoly and dressing up.  Boys are really into their capes and masks.

They’re also really into running around naked but that is a story for another day.  We’d play ‘Not Three but Six Musketeers’ with swords and rolling pins and “Justice League of America” at the expense of several pieces of furniture.  But when I kept losing all those macho-making arm-wrestling and spitting games I tired of all the chest-beating bravado.  I wanted something more.  Something cerebral.  We needed a new game and it came in the form of Cluedo.  A birthday gift.


I haven’t played it in years but those characters live on like old friends in a house with a conservatory and a billiard room! And to this day whenever I watch a murder mystery on television I  want to shout:

“It was Mrs Peacock in the library with the candlestick!”

What was or is still your favourite board game?


5 thoughts on “Mrs Peacock In The Library With The Candlestick

  1. I loved scrabble and chess but no one ever wanted to play them with me 😦 There were six kids in my house and we used to play Monopoly, but my favourite was when my brother and I would throw knives to see if they would stick into the fence (his idea – haaaa – dangerous game and mum always wondered where her good knives had gone!) 😀

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