On My Bookshelf

ImageA photo of a few books on my bookshelf.  One of them I am currently ‘savouring’ – I refuse to rush through a good read.  Care to guess which one?

I hope to review it later this month.

There are certain authors whose work I purposefully prolong.  Donna Tartt’s The Secret History for example.  A book so beautifully written that I read it very slowly over the course of two months because I wanted to memorize entire passages.   Do you do the same? 

I don’t think it’s possible to ‘slow read’ all books.  A lot depends on the narrative pace and whether or not you’re the “instant gratification” type.

I am far – far – behind my self-imposed  “fiction” reading “quota” for this year.  I find I am reading a lot more non-fiction for work and the research for my own novel is taking up large chunks of my time.

I do though have an exciting list of “must-reads” for this year including a few self-published novels, some of them in genres I thought I would never read (part of my New Year’s Resolutions) so I am looking forward to reading them but I suspect I will get through most of them during my Summer break.

How are you doing?  Are you reading more fiction or less? 


3 thoughts on “On My Bookshelf

  1. I picked Jitterbug Perfume from my bookshelf yesterday and started reading that (again). I must have been in a Jitterbug Perfume type mood! Today I might go back to Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children (my fave) 😀

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