Musical Inspiration

I love music. Nothing else gets by heart pumping and my feet jumping quite like great music so I usually have the radio on or my iPod playing while I’m doing household chores.

It was while I was glazing the ham this last Sunday that I heard this song by Hey Ocean! and I thought I just had to share it with you because well…

Take a listen.

Now do this: Substitute that catchy hook

Sing until you have no voice
Ooh hoo wooh ooh (ooh hoo wooh ooh)
Sing because you have no choice
Ooh wooh ooh ooh (ooh wooh ooh ooh)
Sing until you float away
Ooh hoo wooh ooh (ooh hoo wooh ooh)
Our love is like a BIG BLUE WAVE!


Write until you have no voice
Write because you have no choice

Ooh hoo wooh ooh (ooh hoo wooh ooh)

what do you think?
What tune’s on replay on your iPod nowadays?


8 thoughts on “Musical Inspiration

      • Did you email to my Gmail account? I had a virus of some sort that has affected my Gmail and Hotmail account. It’s been a ROYAL pain. I’m only hoping that my blog doesn’t get hacked as well. My bank account has already been compromised.

      • Sorry to hear this Jill. Yup I emailed to your gmail account. Do you have another email or do you want to email me then I’ll respond 🙂 I want to invite you to participate in a blogroll.
        My email:

      • I really appreciate you thinking of me, Yolanda. I recently got an invite from my friend Sherri to participate in the blogroll, but unfortunately I had to decline her invite. I’ve got so much going on right now with work, an on-line writing course, meeting a deadline and now virus issues…I’m feeling overwhelmed. I do want to say thank you for thinking of me…that’s very kind.
        One day, when I’m retired and my time is my own, I won’t have to say no. 🙂

  1. I can’t live without ,music (my idea of hell is silence!) LOL I usually listen to classical music when I’m cleaning the house (Vivaldi Four Seasons is a good one) otherwise Awolnation really gets me going and the house loves it! 😀
    I hadn’t heard Big Blue Wave before and might try this one next time I’m cleaning 😀

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