What inspires your writing?


I am inspired by the changing Seasons and the inevitability of change.

This is our first Spring in our new house and the garden is bursting with treasures!  I wish I could tell you I am a Mrs Green Fingers but that distinction falls squarely on my husband’s broad shoulders.   He has been pottering around in our tiny greenhouse since mid-Winter coaxing green beings out of their protective casings.

Often while I watch him, I am reminded of my maternal grandmother who used to sing to her plants in the sunroom.  It was obvious the plants enjoyed her fussing and attention just as much as they enjoyed her singing.   I used to squeeze my child body between those pots and hide under those broad and lush leaves when I wanted to get away from doing things household chores.

I wasn’t very good at doing things when I was a child.  I was quiet happy to just be.

So while hubby does the work of calling forth miracles I take pictures of our garden beings.  Aren’t they lovely?

Spring collage

If you know the name (Latin or otherwise) of the bottom right plant please let me know as it is a wonder isn’t it? of feathery pink leaves and tiny white bells.  I imagine when the wind blows those bells ring and fairies come out to dance.


I am inspired by the city I live in.  Vancouver.

I grew up in a dusty African city so to (finally) live in a city surrounded by sea and mountains is a dream come true for a water baby like myself.

Sea & City Collage


See the seals sunning themselves on the logs?  My spirit kin! 🙂

Since moving here I find my short stories and my work-in-progress are populated with references to water and sand and concrete.

Cityscapes offer a variety of settings for writers, don’t you agree?  A myriad of plot opportunities.  Fortunes, good or bad, signed and sealed in boardrooms, pummelled in alleyways, lauded in bars and captured in apartment buildings.

But for me none more appealing than that house in the suburbs.  You know the one.  The one wearing the subtle signs of discord in the peeling paint, the hanging gutter, the empty seat at the dinner table …



What inspires your writing?  



10 thoughts on “What inspires your writing?

    • Thank you for stopping by 🙂 I would have to agree with you that we draw inspiration from not only moments in life but from the very act of living. I visited your bright and colourful blog and your passion for life and food is wonderful!

  1. I’m constantly inspired by the seasons and also the sea. And also the abandoned – like that house in the suburbs. I never really saw beauty in cities until I went to New York and realised how beautiful skyscrapers could be. Lovely post about inspiration – I don’t know what that plant is, but it is gorgeous!

    • I too never thought the day would come where I would say “I love this city” because I’m happiest in green spaces like the forests that surround this city but it has happened 😀 I’ve fallen in love with concrete, glass and wrought iron structures, go figure! Have a great day Andrea.

  2. Beautiful photos, Yolanda! I bet you’re spending a lot of time in your garden.
    I spent a lot of time on my back patio this past weekend and I’m working on a post with many photos. The inspiration was everywhere that day…it was wonderful!
    I also get inspired by music, the ocean, the sunrise and sunset…really, it doesn’t take much. 🙂
    Have a great week! We’re going to be hit by severe storms Tuesday and Wednesday, so I won’t be spending anytime outdoors…unfortunately.

    • Thanks Jill! I look forward to your post with the photos. Inspiration is everywhere if we care to find it that’s for sure 🙂 stay safe this week.

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