The Luna Moth – Two Poems

You may recall I promised to share a poem or two..

One of my earliest memories is of visiting an aunt of mine who lived near a river and watching the butterflies flit from flower to flower on the river’s edge.    I was wearing a sky blue dress that day and perhaps because of that the butterflies came to rest on my dress and on my bare arms and on my hair.  It is a memory I will always treasure because it was the first time I experienced something truly magical.

Ever since then I have been a little obsessed with butterflies and moths 🙂  So here are two poems about the fascinating luna moth.

If you would like to learn a little something about luna moths here is a  short video.


The Luna Moth


Come. See.

Outside in the warm night air

moths crowd the persimmon tree


Look. Closer.

These moths have eyes

To see

But no mouth with which to feed

no tongue to taste the fruit so sweet


Come. See.

Outside in the warm night air

Lovers dance on the persimmon tree



Luna Moth II


There is a chance however small

That you may live to see another dawn

There is in you

I see

a mute understanding of how


a moment is

when in your lover’s embrace

you forget how much your stomach aches.



I would love your feedback.   Which poem do you prefer? 



10 thoughts on “The Luna Moth – Two Poems

  1. Not sure I can choose – I love the first verse particularly in number 1 – and I like the repetition of the persimmon tree, but I also love number 2 and particularly the imagery about how short a moment is.

  2. Hard to choose..I love both of them. The persimmon tree..hmm I can already smell and taste the sweetness in the air.. I like the transient character of the second one. Well done!

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