Two New Poems And Something About Bindweed

Have you ever found yourself gripped by an image or sentence? Repeating itself day in and day out until at last you decide you better pull it out by the root like you would noxious bindweed?

I wrote the following poems because no matter how hard I tried I could not shake off these images.  It was like watching a scene from a movie over and over again; trying to mine it for meaning.

So here goes,  two poems for your reading pleasure (or pain) 🙂 but before you read them you should know my youngest son who is fourteen and a new devotee of William Shakespeare (a happy-making surprise!) said I should write sonnets.  He thinks my poems are too short.    






As Death

The crow glides in through the open window

To land his thieving feet

On the mahogany table

And I remember then,

the white lace curtains flapping  

as in the dying light

The crow pecked the eye out of my mother’s brooch



On Night


So there you are

on your back

The slight damp of the grass,


Through your summer dress

While you watch an infinite number of worlds

Light up above you.


I would love to hear from you. 


12 thoughts on “Two New Poems And Something About Bindweed

  1. Definitely pleasure, not pain, Yolanda! Since I still get freaked out by the movie, The Birds, I found more pleasure reading, On Night. 🙂 Both poems were very well done…I wish I could write poetry.
    How great to hear your son is a Shakespeare fan…nice!
    Thanks for sharing your work!

    • Thank you Jill 🙂 You write so beautifully that I am sure you CAN write poetry (you will note I only dare share my ‘free verse’ stuff). You should give it a go.
      Yes, J’s unexpected love of the great bard’s work completely blew me and his long suffering English teacher away. He even got an ‘A’ for his essay on A Midsummer Night’s Dream…go figure.

  2. These are wonderful, Yolanda! I know exactly how it feels when things won’t leave you alone – that’s why I have to write 😀

    Congrats on the Shakespeare devotee. You may have another writer in the making under your roof 😉

    • Thank you Dianne 🙂 a house of writers would be a dream come true! but I’m afraid neither of my sons are readers and readers as they say, make great writers. Keeping my fingers crossed though…

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  4. Beautiful writing Yolanda! I’m thinking about sharing some haiku’s. A bit scary as all things new and I don’t want to sound lame.
    I loved both. Completely different and surprisingly enough (for me) the first one just stuck with me longer.

    • Thank you for the feedback Karin 🙂 I know how you feel so you don’t sound lame. It is scary and I think even after you take that initial plunge the fear doesn’t go away. But fear/nerves is sometimes a good thing. Makes us try harder. Go ahead, show your work!

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