Curiouser and Curiouser!

You don’t have to imagine what I did when I saw this because I’m going to tell you 🙂

but I’m curious at to what you would have done?  maybe nothing.  Maybe something crazy.


My husband and I alternate between the various forest trails and parks in our area for reasons of variety but also because (case in point) no matter how many times we visit a park we inevitably discover a new trail or stumble upon a natural wonder that, for reasons of exhaustion, dehydration or temporary blindness we missed on a previous visit.

Anyway the point is when we saw this door we both stopped in wonderment.

“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice.

We couldn’t believe we had missed this on our previous visits to this park in West Vancouver.  Here hewn into a boulder the size of a small cabin is a door!

Well, said I.  If we were in Israel this would be Lazarus’ tomb.

Well said the Mr we’re in Canada.

Well if we were in Arabia it would be Ali Baba’s cave.


You know Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

Well we’re not in Arabia.

So who do you suppose lives here? I ask.

At this point the Mr rolls his eyes and leans against the side of the boulder because he knows what’s coming.

I follow the steps up to the door and push hard.   But the door doesn’t budge.

Maybe there’s a code.  You know like Ali Baba.

Did you take your medication this morning?

Open Sesame!

Nothing.  The door doesn’t roll open.  Troll fingers don’t appear from inside the small cavern.  Troll eyes didn’t blink in the sunlight.

Maybe I should knock.

Yeah said Mr, try that (because you’re insane).

I knock and hurt my knuckles.  I wait, listening for the Norns who spin fates into tapestries in the bowels of the earth to grumble at the interruption name or the gruff query from the dwarf with the miner’s hat busy adding to his hoard of precious gems.

Mr is making sounds of disapproval.  He doesn’t like it when I ‘go weird on him’. He says my mind is tethered to an air balloon.

I call him a grumpy conformist.

No one’s home.  (He says trying to humour me).  Let’s move on.

So with camera in hand I follow him down to the beach.


Mr and I follow a narrow path that led us to this rocky beach (above) and stretch out in the sun for the remainder of the afternoon.

Isn’t that a rock giant reclining in the distance? over there by those scraggly bushes? I ask.








12 thoughts on “Curiouser and Curiouser!

    • We are very fortunate to be surrounded by mountains and forest so there is no shortage of trails and parks. Since I’m an explorer at heart I love coming across the unexpected and because I am probably crazier than I am braver I also do the unexpected more often than not…:D
      I hope you are enjoying what is left of your long weekend Jill 🙂

  1. I would have loved to see your reaction if the door had creakily slid open when you knocked on it, would you have gone in or run a mile !!!

  2. Love this Yolanda – I can just picture the two of you. That door is amazing, I am so with you!! There must be a special code, or perhaps you have to wait for the sun to shine on it at a particular angle – no, the moon. It’s got Hobbit written all over it. Great post x

  3. My first thought was also a tomb of some sort! Took me back to those Bible lessons I remember as a child. How cool.

    • I’ve been thinking it could also be a pirate’s or bandit’s tomb? For some reason though I can’t shake the idea of treasure behind that door..:-)

  4. My kind of post! This is so fr**n awesome!! haha and could well have happened to me – living in such a similar natural paradise
    Like you, Yolanda I’m an explorer by heart and just love mystery and adventure :)) My mind would go crazy trying to figure it out, making up stories, and my heart would be racing with excitement haha..but in the end probably run like hell if that door actually were to open 😀

    • Oh you will like tomorrow’s post (if I eventually get to it) LOL. It really is impossible for me to wander into a wooded or wild area without falling victim to fantasies 🙂 the Mr find me ‘exhausting’.

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