Two Poems – Invasion And A Lull In Writing

Two very different poems. The 1st influenced by a documentary I watched on the devastation of coconut palms by the truly invincible- looking rhinoceros beetles.  And the 2nd is a day in the life of….as always I welcome your feedback 🙂



The man is saying the coconut plantation has been in his family

for three generations and that he has plans to expand it


to the fringes of the island where once slaves were sold in their thousands

by the Portuguese and later by the Dutch to the colonies


but his dreams like those of others before him, have been thwarted


he says, by an invasion of horned demons from the East

A beetle! he cries in disbelief, the size of a child’s hand


they move he points out, like armoured machines up the coconut tree trunks

to the fruits of the palm and on entering


devour, the heart before the crown.



Lines composed between a lull in writing


I want to begin with some poetic observation

of the gardenia’s slow drooping in a jar by the window

or the still ripe orange split in two

but instead I scroll the headlines seeking

something other,  to distract me

from your leaving.


You see, since receiving notice, the days alternate

as all days do,  between black and radiant

and me sitting down to write this poem

deciding on the word “commodious”

to describe a space large enough to house

my feelings for you.



4 thoughts on “Two Poems – Invasion And A Lull In Writing

    • Yes, monstrous! (I should see if I could find a link to that documentary it was on CNN – it will blow your mind) Thank you Dianne for the feedback 🙂

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