The Exotic And The Exquisite

My favourite flower is probably the peony and I say “probably” because part of me thinks it’s ridiculous to favour one perfect creation over the other – like who doesn’t like a rose or a perfectly skirted tulip?

See, I tried to capture the peony’s loveliness but my camera failed me (once again).   This particular peony was being courted by a striped knight when I took this picture.  He was lost inside her; deep within the golden centre of her loveliness.

P1060652 (2)


For some truly exceptional pics of peonies and other flowers visit this blog.  Beautiful, right?

Anyway I love peonies.  I read about them in Africa – long before I crossed the equator on my way north.

I came across them in a book and I am sure the book was Memoirs Of A Geisha.

I read about their exquisite lushness before I actually saw one and before I could pronounce “peonies”.  I would read them as “pee-oh-nees” and then one day in conversation with an American friend of mine, Tracey, I said ‘I love those fluffy-looking, pom-pom flowers.  Y’know pee-oh-nees” and my friend frowned so hard her face cracked into a grimace.

‘No,’ she said,’not “pee-oh-nees” but “pee-a-nees” with a  soft ‘ah” sound.’

But then I came to Canada.  And everyone I know here pronounces it as “pee-nees”.

I don’t know if it matters really.  I just know I  love peonies.  I ❤ peonies so much I’ve been working on a poem.  In it I hope to describe something of their exotic appeal and satin-like loveliness and how when I’m near them, I fall in love all over again with life.

Do you have a favourite flower?  Is such a thing possible?








9 thoughts on “The Exotic And The Exquisite

  1. Peonies are my favourites as well Yolanda!! And I’m so happy my birthday is celebrated during their peak season. Never short on a fresh bouquet of lovely fluffiness :))

    p.s; sorry I missed a few posts..need to catch up on some reading 😉

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