What I’m Working On…

I’m busy with not one but three short stories at the moment and they’re all in various drafting stages.

What are you working on?

One is in it’s final draft.  Actually I thought it was until I read it out loud yesterday and it started off so well.  Like a sail boat out on a picture perfect day caught in a fair wind…and then from those blue depths burst forth the Kraken and with snapping beak and spiteful cry pulled the sailboat down.   Yikes!


Image:  Shutterstock

I am left with one sole survivor, now adrift clinging to one of those bright orange buoys.

All this misery because of one bad paragraph.

The other is a story about an unsuccessful and therefore frustrated musician.  And that, really, is all I know for sure.  She has admitted to having been married once before in her late teens (to a butcher) but really I cannot see why she is so insistent on being immortalized (don’t laugh) in one of my stories when there is little hope of her securing a record deal.   Yet I cannot shake her off.

Then there is the story about an insurance broker with a roving eye and that story I know is complete. But oh the ending!  the ending is so extreme (but not unheard of or improbable) that without a short history lesson on the political events that led to that momentous ending, how will the reader ‘buy’ that ending? One would have to be a history buff I reckon to appreciate this story.

Should I include a short prologue of some sort? And if it needs a prologue then maybe it’s a novel?  Aaargh.

Part of me thinks I should just submit this last story and wait for the rejection letters to come in.

I suspect editors will respond with three letters: WTF?

Anyway I’d love to hear what you’re working on right now and if you do work on more than one story or poem at a time.



14 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…

  1. Just the one on the go for me I’m afraid. 3 sounds like quite a handful. I’m doing a little short script about a lonely writer who falls in love with one of his characters, then loses all his material and has to try to recreate the woman he loves. Second time round he can’t get it right though and she’s just not the same!

    • What a lovely premise! Sounds like something I would love to read. I will mosey on over to your site now..thanks for the comment and the follow 🙂

  2. “Part of me thinks I should just submit this last story and wait for the rejection letters to come in.” I hate to hear you say that, Yolanda. 😦 Yes, you should submit your story, but after you do, don’t think about it…move on.
    I’ve been known to work on multiple projects at once and for me, I end up spinning my wheels. I’ve learned I do much better when I focus on one project at a time. I’m currently trying to get my first 3 chapters of my novel up to par for a professional critique. Right now, I hate my story! 🙂
    I wanted to let you know… remember the beautiful lighthouse photos you sent to me after I wrote a post about my lighthouse short story? Well, I found out on Monday, that story came in second place in the contest I entered. I was shocked. I wrote the story because it has eating at me for months, but I didn’t write it necessarily for publication. I actually enjoyed writing it even though the subject matter hit close to home. In the end, I think your spectacular photos were the best prize…thank you!

    • Oh that is wonderful news Jill! 🙂 I would love to read that story! do let me know where!
      I have only ever submitted 2 short stories to two online journals and both were rejected so what I took from that is I may as well ‘write what I love to write’ so that’s what I’ve been doing which I suppose is why all three stories just flowed out (but still need some tweaking). I am so glad you like those pics ❤ hugz

  3. I absolutely love the WTF comment towards the end of the post. If I put this in my posts my mother asks what it means and I tell her it means Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (LOL) 😉

    I write multiple WiPs – it’s the only way I can work, otherwise I get writer’s block.

    Best of luck with your short stories, they sound fantastic 😀

    • Thanks Dianne 😀 This is the first time (to my memory) that I have juggled more than one WiP and I think you’re onto something because my imagination is on overdrive at the mo’.

  4. Working on a play that was a short story with many many characters. 23 people don’t work in the play, except that you’d be guaranteed an audience (like performing in grade school). Anyway, rewrites – giving lines to other characters to cover the same information and what parts can one actor play.

    • A play! that is wonderful Lynn (have never tried my hand at writing one) Sounds daunting with all those characters but I’m sure it will work out 🙂

  5. Those stories sound very diverse and very intriguing Yolanda – go for it and get that last one submitted! This has been a year of short stories for me, I’ve written more in a few months than I’ve done in a couple of years – I do like to have a few ideas on the go at once.

    • Yes this is definitely the year for short stories for me too so much so my novel has been left very much on the backburner. Good luck with all your submissions Andrea 🙂

  6. As a deluded over-age musician myself, your character in story #2 is perfectly plausible. She wants to be immortalized because Her Stuff is Brilliant! The only reason no one else listens to it is because it lacks exposure. If only a record label would sign her up and spend millions to promote her, the world would have the glorious pleasure of her music. What’s wrong with the world???

    If the paragraph in story #1 is giving you that much grief, kill it. You probably don’t need it.

    I can’t write two fiction projects at once. My novel stopped dead in its tracks when I got inspired to work on a short-story collection, which was stopped dead in its tracks when I got inspired to work on my novel again after a year.

    • LOL Eric! Yes my musician character is indeed brilliant! there came (at last) a clever twist to her tale that will indeed have the world at her feet.
      I think I have done just that ‘stopped my novel dead in its tracks’ to work on a short story collection let’s see how long that lasts 😀 Thanks for the follow and the advice.

  7. Those short stories sound intriguing, especially when you kind of suspect the editors response. You got me interested 😀
    All the best of luck Yolanda!
    Funny enough, I found myself blogging more than ever these days..seems like times of ‘adversity’ sparks up the creativity in me. Always look on the bright side 😉

    • Thanks Karin 🙂 I have to agree with you I think adversity fuels creativity. Also for me, a change of scenery however small gets the juices going, that’s why I travel with notebooks!

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