On Strange Quirks

I like to think I’m a savvy shopper.

Are you?

I don’t for example, go grocery shopping (mostly) without a list and I don’t do all my shopping in one store.  I’m a bargain hunter. I have to be, I have a husband and two teenage wolves sons at home.  So when Walmart announced they were selling Barilla pasta for the truly amazing price of  $1 (per item) well, I zipped on down to get my family’s favourites:  spaghetti (No.5), fettucinne, rigatoni and penne lisce.

I got there, debit card ready and like a many armed octopus swept the shelves clean of spaghetti (No.5), fettucinne and penne lisce but hesitated before a solitary box of rigatoni.

This is where I admit to my problem.  A strange little quirk (like many others) that drives my husband MAD and my friends even CRAZIER.

quirk: a peculiar behavioral habit.

I cannot take the last item of anything on a shelf.  It is impossible.  I find I can stretch my arm out and run my greedy little fingers over the desired item’s wrapping or casing but I cannot physically take it because it is the Last Item On The Shelf.

I know of people who cannot use that last sliver of soap or have to stir cream or sugar in a clockwise motion before drinking their cup of coffee but I feel very alone in this quirk.

As undoubtedly does that box of rigatoni.

Charlie Barsotti

Charlie Barsotti’s famous cartoon.


Do you have any strange quirks?  








19 thoughts on “On Strange Quirks

  1. I’m a bargain shopper from way back, Yolanda! I clip coupons and use them in stores that offer buy one get one free or half off one. I’ve left the store with them paying me to buy a particular item. You’re a better person than me…I recently snatched the last 4 pack Starbucks coffee that was on sale. I couldn’t help myself!
    To answer your question…I could write an entire blog series on my strange quirks. 🙂

  2. I have a similar quirk Yolanda, I won’t buy the item for sale at the front of the display even if I’ve picked it up to read the label or have a quick peek inside, I always put that one back on the shelf and choose one further back. I did it today in in a store, I pondered over several different coffee flasks before deciding on one then shifted them all over to get the one right at the back, although having an interest in merchandising I always find it necessary to rearrange the shelf back to most probably more tidy than it was before!

  3. Hahaha, actually, that’s very nice of you, Yolanda. You know that feeling of getting to a bare shelf and feeling disappointment. You will never cause anyone else to have that feeling! No, I’m not a savvy shopper as I am always in a rush for everything!

  4. I’m a ‘counter’ Yolanda. When I’m drying the spoons and knives I count each one as it goes in the drawer. I count steps I walk up and down and I also count clothes pegs while hanging the clothes on the line (all silently of course LOL). I didn’t realise I did it until my mother told me one day that her incessant counting of everything in her head was driving her crazy and I said ‘that’s normal, I do it all the time’ (oh dear!) Haaaa – it’s just too bad I’m hopeless at math (even though my dad was a mathematician) 😉

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