Losing My Voice

I have been without voice or almost -mute for five days now. I communicate with my teenage savages sons via rude gestures sign language, iPhone messages and ape-like grunts. The savages teenagers have taken over the house as the alpha male has been away on business for over a week now and let me tell you all is not well.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I can still both see and hear I am certain they would have let all their Facebook ‘friends’ know there is a PARTY (!) at our house and I would wake up to toilet paper and other unmentionables hanging from the chandeliers. We don’t have chandeliers but you get the picture.    

I’ve been texting their father (my husband) for help.  Here’s an excerpt:


What’s up?

Teens In Revolt.

They must help you around the house.

U hav a sense of humour.

Take away their privileges.

Pleeze. My throat hurts when I laugh.

Take their iPhones.

I can’t.

Why not?

It’s how I let them know dinner is ready.

Why r u cooking for them?

‘They’re boys. If I don’t give them their greens and protein they’ll just go to McDonalds.”

Let them eat cake!

I’ll have to go buy some.

Anyway I know why I lost my voice.  Physically it’s because a forest of grass and ragweed invaded my airways (allergic rhinitis). But the emotional and psychological component to this ailment (laryngitis) is I didn’t speak/open up about certain issues with one of my clients.  For several weeks now she has been doing and saying things that are counterproductive to what was agreed upon.  I should have pointed it out to her the first time she had ‘a lapse in judgement’ and perhaps even said something about the fact that she had missed not one but two important meetings with potential clients because she ‘forgot to check her email’. (For those of you interested in psychological terms and definitions such behaviour is otherwise known as passive aggressive behaviour)  I stayed mum when I shouldn’t have. I hate to admit this but right now I can’t afford to lose this client.  I agreed to work with this person because I believed in her and her vision of success for her fledgeling business.   Since the body and mind work in sync my body is now ‘manifesting’ the ‘staying mum’ part of this story. It’s reminding me – in a painful, demoralizing way – that the choice I made went against who I am. I betrayed one of my fundamental values.

Personal integrity is important to me and has higher priority than personal gain.  And all my relationships personal or otherwise are based on honesty and openness.  I’m a straight shooter. Have to be if I am to be of real service to my clients but it became evident early on that this particular client does not take well to any advice or direction of any sort. (True success comes with a healthy dollop of humility and a willingness to learn).  Which explains why her business is not thriving but plodding along.  

I know what I have to do this coming week and I bet you anything whether I lose her as a client or not I will be 100% better once I’ve ‘cleared the air’.

Do you or have you experienced something similar? Are you aware of any particular physical manifestation to an emotional or psychological ailment?



19 thoughts on “Losing My Voice

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this difficult client, Yolanda. I can’t imagine losing my voice, although there might me some people who would enjoy it for a day or two. 🙂
    This client sounds toxic. If you lose her, it might be difficult, but it sounds as though it would be for the best. Your health comes first.
    Take care of yourself!

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been ‘out of sorts’ Yolanda, definitely need to have that coffee and chat sometime soon, maybe when your throat is better and voice back in full swing! Have a good week and hope you can resolve the issues 🙂

  3. Good luck Yolanda, I hope you manage to clear the air and get your voice back (though the first part of this post was very entertaining!) I haven’t experienced anything like this, though I will sometimes get ill – usually flu – when I have some time off after a particularly busy, stressful period at work.

  4. Sorry for your rough week, Yolanda. I think you should give serious consideration to whether you should keep this client – is it worth it? Stress can manifest itself in a variety of physical symptoms, so take care of yourself. On the upside, you haven’t lost your sense of humor. The text transcript above had me laughing!

    • Thanks Gwen 🙂 I now sound like a spluttering engine. I have to agree with you – considering all that I am currently going through – keeping this client is not worth the stress.

  5. Yolanda, you poor thing! Worst thing, losing one’s voice, just ask the Little Mermaid! And how else can a woman defend herself against all those males? Now you know the reason for silverbacks! They keep order with the other males. Get better . . . and rethink that client.

  6. I love the transcript of the conversation, Yolanda. You may have lost your voice, but certainly not your sense of humour. Difficult clients can be an absolute pain so best of luck with that one! 😀

  7. My stresses with people usually manifest themselves in skin rashes. I don’t have any advice – only sympathy. I did discover (I provided bookkeeping services) that many of my clients were in business for themselves, because no one would have hired them. That thought made me feel better.

    • I agree with you Lynn! Excellent observation 😀 My youngest son breaks out in skin rashes and blotches when stressed. I thought he would ‘grow out’ of it but it still happens.

  8. You may have lost your voice but certainly not your sense of humour 😀
    Oh, yes do I know body and mind are interconnected. It’s ALL connected, right? So if it doesn’t flow energetically it eventually must have an outcome physically. I’ve had (and have) things a number of times but only after I start to connect the dots will the healing process kick in. And I don’t always pay attention to it honestly. I hope you’re able to clear the air Yolanda so you can start working on keeping those sav…euh boys in line again.

    • Thanks Karin. It’s like trying to corral wild horses 😀 sadly voice has yet to return so looks like I may have to wait a little longer to sort things out.

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