Uninvited Guests

When the call went out that our borders were open (and there would be no passport or security checks), I woke up to a tide of unwelcome guests in our family room.  Ants.

Now I’m no stranger to these seasonal invasions and have an arsenal of natural deterrents and homemade concoctions on hand, so without further ado I proceeded to shower them with finely ground cinnamon and while they were spiced up and confused I swept them up and resettled them in The Great Outdoors, which as I pointed out to them is where they belong.

But what to do with another variety of house guest?

I woke up as I sometimes do around 3am to check the clock (and reaffirm to myself that yes indeed it is 3am and I am awake for no good reason) and as I reached for said clock so I could turn it towards me I became instantly aware of a presence beside me – on the pillow.  I quickly flicked the bedside light on and there I was, eyeball to eyeball with a large house spider.

I am an animal lover and will even go as far as saying I like creepy crawlies but spiders are eight legged walking nightmares.  I mean I know why they exist but I can’t see one without levitating or having an out-of-body experience.  Once I realized I was the bigger creature I floated back down from the ceiling and watched him dash for cover on the underside of the mattress (they prefer hunting their prey under the cover of darkness).    I then spent the next hour or so trying to capture him with a glass and newspaper as he raced across the bedroom.  I am now of the opinion that Canadian house spiders are the Usain Bolts of the Arachnid Kingdom.  He is still at large.  I am thinking of reorganizing the furniture in our bedroom.  I’m hoping that will flush him out.


18 thoughts on “Uninvited Guests

    • Oh I am definitely all for co-existing as I know every creature has a purpose etc I even talk to them! I love spiders at a distance – in the garden, spinning their beautiful webs – but not in close quarters 🙂

    • Cinnamon works like a dream if you sprinkle quite a bit of it in the fissure/crevice or wherever the ants are coming in from. Ants hate it. But if they’re already in your house and you sprinkle some on them it just slows down the invasion and ‘confuses’ them so you have time to sweep them up (and don’t have to kill them). I tend to leave the cinnamon on the ground for a couple of hours just so ‘they’ get the message. Also cinnamon leaves your house smelling of freshly baked goods which I love 😀

  1. Why didn’t I know about using cinnamon for ants? Thank you so much for mentioning this, Yolanda. We have been under invasion. I’ve come to the conclusion that our house was built on a massive ant hill. I’m going to buy barrels of cinnamon!

    • There is a definite link between rainfall and ant invasions in our part of the world. I think the only reason they come inside our home is because they’ve been flooded out of their underground chambers 🙂 Give cinnamon a try Jill and like I mentioned to Dianne sprinkle a lot of it in any cracks or fissures. You should notice a marked difference.

      • Interesting…our ants seem to invade when it’s dry. I believe they come in looking for water since I find them in bathtubs, sinks, etc. We just had 4 inches of rain, so I hope they’re gone for a little while. I did put some cinnamon down yesterday…they took a detour. 😦

  2. So cinnamon for ants? Will definitely be trying that, any tips for that other unwelcome house guest – the fruit fly? I think they’ve all grown to actually like apple cider vinegar as it no longer seems to do the trick. But yes we too have had some rather large scary looking spiders in the house lately, maybe they are drawn to the smell of freshly baked goods Yolanda? Just sayin!!!!

    • LOL Jane! haven’t had to deal with fruit flies but will look into that – have you tried ordinary white vinegar? Another tip I can offer for this time of year is cloves in lemons (cut lemon in half and stick ten or so cloves in each half|) to keep wasps and hornets away when you’re out on the porch or enjoying a picnic- works like a charm.

      • Wow amazing – loving all the ‘au naturel’ tips. Cloves in lemon – who would have thought? will be trying that one out! remind me to tell you my packer family holiday wasp story when I see you it still makes me laugh !!!

  3. That totally freaks me out! Yikes! I wouldn’t have been able to go back to sleep. My solution would likely be to put my dog in the bed with me. Although she wouldn’t catch the spider, her enormous presence would likely keep it away! She’s a German shepherd.

  4. And believe it or not but there’s an oil for that too 🙂
    Apparently spiders taste through their feet and don’t like the taste of citrus or peppermint. So using citrus oils as well as peppermint can detract them from coming into an area. I’ve heard that lemon & peppermint essential oils are the best oils to use because they have a very strong smell.

  5. OMG! We are kindred spirits. I have been known to dash around the house with a glass and a piece of cupboard ‘rehoming’ something that came in. We have had ants with year. They like cat food as much as our cats do. I had to resort to chemicals because nothing else was working. I will try cinnamon!

    • so good to see you here Kate 🙂 Yes ants seem to be a very real problem this year. I suspect our invaders are flushed out by the rain – we get lots of rain here. The last five weeks or so have been very dry so not an ant in sight!

      • I don’t know about rain or no rain but we got them in May. We never get them until the end of August into the fall. It’s been a nightmare because they invade the cat dishes so there is a big cleanup. My picky cats wouldn’t think of eating an ant in their dish. Now if it was walking across the living room floor, that’s a different story.

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