Birthday Gal

Today is my birthday and on July 12th this blog turned 1.  So as a Big Thank You to all of you, my blog friends and followers for reading these scribblings, I thought I would share a list of some of my favourite things (things in Capital Letters are essential-for-life and non-negotiable like OXYGEN and WATER):

FAMILY, FRIENDS, CHOCOLATE, snickerdoodle cookies, ART, GREEN SPACES, sun-dried linen, CAKE, home-made pizza, animals, sun hats, art galleries, libraries, museums, comfortable shoes, MUSIC, dance, TEA (especially green and Yorkshire tea), POETRY, yoga….and it goes without saying BOOKS and WRITING.

Hubby insisted on taking these photos in our garden (with roses) he can be demanding like that sometimes (he’s a frustrated artist). Had I known I would be posing for photos I would have powdered my nose and brushed my hair 🙂 I hope you like them.

Summertime Soft FocalSummertime Pic


19 thoughts on “Birthday Gal

  1. Happy Birthday, Yolanda! The photos of you are beautiful! I’m glad your husband pushed the issue. 🙂 My birthday is right around the corner as well. They sure come fast don’t they? 🙂
    Happy Birthday to your blog too! xo

    • Wellies for us today 🙂 happy about that as I don’t handle those high temps too well AND more importantly our forests need the rain (earlier this week BC had over 150 forest fires raging)

  2. Happy Birthday Yolanda!! A little late but nonetheless a spectacular new solar year with lots of CAPITAL LETTER WORDS!

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