Summer Spotlight: Yolanda McAdam

I was absolutely delighted to be included in Jill Weatherholt’s awesome Spotlight Series. Here is a little more about myself and my answers to 5 of Jill’s great questions.

Jill Weatherholt

I feel very privileged indeed to be part of Jill’s wonderful Summer Spotlight Series! I have enjoyed getting to know you all.

Ok so a little about me…

Hi I’m Yolanda and I was born and raised in South Africa to Portuguese immigrants. My parents’ marriage was spectacularly unsuccessful (no adjective can truly describe how awful it was). One of my earliest memories is of my dad arriving home from a night out on the town (he was a notorious gambler and womaniser) to a barrage of verbal insults and flying plates. The trouble you see is they were both far too young and too tempestuous for a serious commitment like marriage. When eventually they parted ways (in very dramatic fashion – locks changed, suitcases left outside, father hammering on windows, police intervention) my father moved to another city and my mother went on to live the life of a…

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4 thoughts on “Summer Spotlight: Yolanda McAdam

  1. Hi Yolanda, so nice to read more about you on Jill’s blog last Friday. I wasn’t able to comment then as there were gremlins at work on my computer, or maybe our internet connection – anyway, it’s working now, that’s the main thing! I think we must have met originally on Jill’s blog and now I read your Scribblings with interest and I’m enjoying the interaction we share between our blogs. Thanks for dropping in on me too – it’s lovely of you to share bits of your life with me.

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