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I’ve been wanting to post a little something on music because the short story I have been working on for several months now is populated by musicians and also because I love music.

The main character is obsessed with Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan so I’ve been listening to these wonderful storytellers almost daily but of course I also enjoy contemporary music and try to stay ‘relevant’ by listening to what’s Hip and Trending.

When you have kids you learn quickly the importance of ‘staying relevant’ which in my case involved getting to know Barney, the manga series and card game YU-GI-OH (mind-numbing stuff I tell you) and later Eminem, among others.

I turn to my eldest son for the latest on music because like me, he’s not really into mainstream pop so I have been (mostly) educated on indie and folk / rock music.  It is because of him that I have discovered bands like the following two:

1.  Milky Chance.  I love this video.  It is filled with symbolic items and gestures like the burning of a dreamcatcher but more importantly there is a tribe of wild and fun-loving children in the woods, and that dear readers always gets my attention.


2.  These fabulously talented Australians – Angus and Julia Stone

What are you listening to?


22 thoughts on “On My iPod

  1. Haha, I’m just concocting a music related post – how’s that for coincidence? Bob Dylan is one of my all time faves, his lyrics are absolutely brilliant and timeless. Love him. Glad to say, my son (now 24) always had very old fashioned tastes as far as music goes, so he was always quite happy listening to my car tape of the Rolling Stones – and even now has one of his own!

    • I didn’t appreciate Dylan until quite recently Jenny and now I am a huge fan. He has inadvertently introduced me to other (musical) storytellers and to my delight there are many (mostly from the 60s and 70s). I am looking forward to your post 🙂

    • Isn’t it crazy wonderful how music inspires us all but especially I would say those of us who are ‘creators’ and artists? That first video is a delight Jill 😀 I also like the guitar playing in that one and the second one appeals to my hippie self (in an alternate universe of course);-) Happy writing!

  2. I loved the Milky Chance video – the kids’ outfits were great. Not sure I’d match the words to the action – but who cares – it was a fun trip. I’m listening to songs that have ‘walk’ or ‘walking’ and it’s amazing where that has taken me: Fats Domino to Cher.

  3. My eldest son does the same for me, he has introduced me to all kinds of indie and ‘house’ music I would never have known about. My middle son is the musician of the family but he is heavily influenced by 80s rock 😉 . I know what you mean about music and writing, I’m trapped in the 1970s (Horse With No Name springs to mind not to mention Journey and Pink Floyd) which helps with writing my memoir since it takes place during 1979 -1981. I know just what you mean about our kids helping us stay current. My daughter was crazy for Manga and Anime, all her art was heavily influenced by it. She used to go to cos-plays before anxiety got so bad that she couldn’t leave the house. Now she keeps me current with all the latest tv shows that she wants me to watch with her 🙂 It’s nice though isn’t it when we can share such things with our kids. I really enjoyed the first video but couldn’t access the second one for some reason. All the best with your story Yolanda, it sounds wonderful 🙂

    • Having children has its benefits 😉 Your children sound so creative Sherri (I think I would enjoy ‘hanging out’ with all of them). My youngest is not at all musically inclined or interested in anything with a tune. SO odd. He fell a good distance (I would say a mile or so) from the apple tree 😀 ’cause in our house we’re always rockin’ or moving to some beat or other. This story is proving to be harder than expected – in that it doesn’t want to end – (I know you know what I mean). It’s taking me down some pretty narrow country roads at the moment….

      • It’s amazing how different our children can be despite coming from the same gene pool 😉 Haha…well, I know my kids would love hanging out with you too Yolanda 🙂 Oh yes, I am very familiar with those narrow country roads…and I’m right there with you… ❤

  4. I love all of your musical choices, Yolanda. I had not heard of the two newer ones, but I am like you, wish to stay current. I love the anthems of Bob Dylan, (“Blowin in the Wind” and of course, loads of others). Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez have distinctive voices which really create nostalgia for those days. I heard Adele singing, “Chasing Pavement,” when it first came out and made everyone watch the ‘video’ which is truly inventive. She has become internationally known since those first days, so young when she started. I post all kinds of musical suggestions so will let you know that I liked hearing “Daylight,” by Maroon 5, on the radio today. I watch the show, “The Voice,” with Adam Levine and respect his kindness to those who perform. He and the others on the show impress me with helping new artists to get discovered… smiles!

  5. A post to my heart Yolanda! I so much love music and think I should or could post more often about it since it s such an important part of my life, but I feel it’s something that transcends sometimes the words or need for words/or then I wouldn’t know how to put it into words haha
    I thoroughy enjoyed both video’s and songs. Didn’t know the performers so thanks.
    My taste in music goes from classical music to folk, indie, classic rock, rhytm&blues, to new age … very diverse. I also (try) to play a bit myself.

    • So glad you enjoyed this music post Karin 🙂 While I am always trying to keep up with ‘the times’ I also enjoy listening to the oldies. You should listen to Angus and Julia Stone’s album – really good. They’re not storytellers but certainly great musicians.

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