The True Meaning Of Wealth

I have some of my favourite Christmas ‘collectibles’ on the mantelpiece.  There is a Very Canadian Moose lying on his side admiring the sitting room, a Santa in a wizard’s hat, two glittery angels, a jolly Santa, a clutch of cranberry scented candles and the obligatory tinsel hanging about.  At the base of the hearth the Holy Family nativity scene.   Slowly our house is being transformed into a wonderland as I recover from unplanned and unexpected surgery.

This was going to be the Christmas I was going to make an accordion folded paper wreath and a bowl of sugar fruit (did you know you can use marshmallow powder instead of raw egg to coat the fruit with sugar?). This time last year Christmas cards had been posted, gifts had been bought and wrapped and all I had to worry about was putting up the tree on the 15th and the Christmas Day menu.  This year I find myself woefully behind and perhaps a tad neglectful of others but unashamedly and happily ensconced in my bedroom.  I have a lot to be grateful for:  the surgery was uncomplicated and I should be up and about by mid-week; I am getting through my mountain of must-read books YAY! (doing very nicely – only one hundred and fifty two books left); keeping up with reading my favourite blogs (kind of) and watching Christmas romances and dramas on television (I know I know, but I am sucker for those badly acted but delightfully sweet movies).  My family (bless them) keep me hydrated with cups of tea and smiling with boxes of chocolate (what else really can a woman ask for?) ….um, maybe fresh flowers.  Just saying 😉

The lightning-strike suddenness of my medical emergency reminded me of how easily so many of us get caught up in our day to day strife,  forgetting in the meantime that everything – I mean, Everything – hinges on our health and well-being.   My body had been warning me over the last three or four months that not all was well but I chose to ignore those signals.  Lying in hospital, I thought of an aunt of mine who is very rich and who – without fail – would pop over every Christmas to leave a gift of money for my sister and I.  I remember being small and therefore prone to small-thinking, saying to myself ‘she has it all’; good looks, mansion, fancy cars, Chanel handbag.  Then one day when I was older she and I met up on vacation and hearing that I had a goal list as long as my arm filled with things ‘I would possess by such and such an age’ she told me – her deep brown eyes boring into mine – “Money isn’t everything.  Health is true wealth.”

Did you know that the word “wealth” comes from the Old English words “weal” which means “well- being” and happiness?

This is my wish for you and your loved ones this season and beyond:  wealth, as in an abundance of well-being and happiness.


22 thoughts on “The True Meaning Of Wealth

  1. Beautiful post! I firmly believe my own gift[s] of illness were given so I would make a new life plan and re-prioritise everything. I had to have three bouts before I got the message 🙂 Stuff is just stuff. True wealth resides in the soul! Be Well Yolanda xo

  2. Oh Yolanda, I’m sorry to hear about your unexpected surgery, but I’m relieved to know you’re okay. Don’t worry about the cards, etc. Relax, read those books that are stockpiled and watch the wonderful holiday movies. I feel better knowing you have one hundred and fifty two books in your TBR pile. Between my paper books and my Kindle, I’ve probably got you by a hundred. Take care of yourself, Sweetie…I’ll keep you in my prayers. xo

    • Thank you Jill ❤ God sure knows how to remind us to slow down and appreciate every moment 🙂 Happily very little fiction on our Kindle (hubby uses it to download books on fungi). Have a wonder-full weekend xo

  3. I echo Jill’s comments ~ sorry you required surgery, glad that you’re recovering and regaining your health. Relax, read, and order coconut patties to give yourself a pat on the back! All else can wait.

  4. Yolanda what a beautiful message. I hope you are on the mend and your christmas is happy and full of family, friends and love. I have a memory from my sister when she went to my mother’s friends house or should I say mansion. My mums friend reminded my sister when she commented on how beautiful her home was, as we never had much money growing up. Mum’s friend said to her “I live in a house and you live in a home with loving parents.

    • It’s so easy to assume that people in bigger houses (for example) have it all together and their lives are near perfect but of course that is rarely the case. Thank you for sharing your sister’s memory with me Kath ❤

  5. Ah Yolanda, sorry to hear you’ve been incapacitated but glad to know you’re recovering. We must listen to our bodies – us wives and mothers are invincible but sometimes we need a little help. Have a happy wonderful Christmas with your family, and may we all count our blessings.

  6. I had to get off the computer early on Sat. and Sun. (both grandchildren related…) so I am sending you heartfelt and belated messages for your quick recovery and complete healing, Yolanda!

    I am so glad you are an honest and open person. I feel sometimes that we tend to look at people with money as having it all, you are so right with this thought. It is always interesting to find out quite the opposite may be going on. In my recent case, I found out a woman’s daughter’s children got ‘kidnapped’ by her ex-son-in-law. I felt she always seemed so ‘together’ with her family at church, while I was looking so raggedy, less put together, back while I was a single mother I ‘judged’ her life. But, then years later, I ran into her, she poured out her heart. Poor daughter did get her children back, but now they live with mother, which while my life presently is relieved of almost any responsibility for my own grown children, this woman is struggling to care for all of her family. It is so true, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” Yolanda. I felt relieved with your confessions. If I lived closer, I would help you address your Christmas cards, which half the battle is doing this and my grandson, (Little Micah) helped me put all the stamps on the envelopes.
    Hugs and hopes for you speedy recovery and blessed Christmas, too. (After all, you never know what may cause me to not be back here…)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Robin ❤ and for offering to help me 🙂 I am feeling much better and yesterday actually did some Christmas shopping so all is good. The world would be a better place if we didn't judge people by their appearances or possessions. My mom was a single mother (even when my dad and her were married) and had to put up with many intolerant people and their views. I believe there has been a shift in the last decade or so and that slowly but surely our hearts are expanding (as are our minds) and we are all becoming more accepting and compassionate of one another. xxo

      • I meant this about the cards, Yolanda!
        I hope we will always become better persons, as we age and grow wiser. The world may or may not keep up with the ones who wish to spread happiness and good will. Acceptance and compassion are such lovely traits.
        Yolanda, I hope you and your family have a marvelous holiday season filled with pleasant surprises. I am relieved to read you were able to get out and about to shop.
        Your comments are so wonderful and heart-warming, Yolanda! Thanks and hoping for many future visits ahead in the new year, too.

  7. Oh Yolanda, I’m terribly sorry to hear about your surgery but glad you’re recovering with the help of your lovely family.

    You are so right about the health thing – it’s do easy to lose sight of how crucial it is, so easy to take it for granted – until you can’t. This is a great reminder especially on the cusp of the holidays.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

  8. Oh Yolanda, I am so sorry to read of your recent and sudden surgery, but so relieved to know that you are recovering. I’m glad your family are keeping you in cups of tea and chocolate…and perhaps the flowers will follow shortly 😉 How very wise of your aunt, our health is the best gift of all. Thank you for your lovely wishes and I send the very same to you…true wealth in every blessing. Hugs to you Yolanda… ❤

  9. Beautiful post and so true, Yolanda. It truly is thé most important thing because really you can dream and build on so many plans but if we’re not in good health none of that is of great value. Wishing you a speedy recovery and so many wonderful blessings in the coming year. Merry Christmas lovely. xxx

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