A Reality Check For A Busy Body

I wish I could say I’ve been away; somewhere tropical sipping cocktails with tiny umbrellas, taking pictures of my sun-kissed toes which I then posted on Instagram for my 4 followers but the truth, dear readers and friends, is far uglier, even sinister.

I have been busy.

Mad busy.  Mostly busy with work but also busy dealing with Life’s unexpected challenges, like yesterday’s unforeseen trip to the doctor for a tetanus shot because…

of busyness.

There I was in the kitchen, mobile phone cradled between left ear and raised shoulder, talking about a photographic shoot our company had commissioned, while opening a can of tomato paste when the call ended and I  rushed to complete the task at hand because I had a campaign to finalize and a How-To doc to submit and so, lifted the rest of the lid with what I thought was my thumbnail but in fact I used my thumb and there was blood, lots of blood and I had a flashback to a day, not so long ago, when we had to rush my eldest son to the doctor when he was four (maybe five) for a tetanus shot when he stood on a rusty nail..

The doctor was kind but he looked at me disapprovingly when I explained that I wasn’t really thinking.  I just did it like I was Superwoman because some days, most days lately, I feel like Superwoman.   And right then, I knew I was in trouble. I was trying to make dinner in under ten minutes which is unusual for me, because I love cooking. Correction: Used to love cooking.

What happened?

While I write this, I realize that ‘my word for 2015’ – the word I chose for myself this year was ATTENTION. In fact, there were two words: WONDER and ATTENTION and the two are interchangeable now, because if I am not paying attention I am missing out on all the wonder….

Just this past week I had the opportunity to visit one of the world’s most spectacular gardens – The Butchart Gardens, on Vancouver Island.  I went to the island on a business trip and then, since hubby accompanied me, decided to stay on an extra day.

2015-06-20 11.59.15

‘Sunken Garden’ Butchart Gardens – photo: Y McAdam

2015-06-20 12.03.07

Sweet peas! LOVE them! Photo: Y McAdam

One of the first thoughts I had on getting back home was ‘I have to go back’.  I have to go back and drink in all that beauty and sink my toes into the dark earth and watch for the unfurling of petals; the rustling of leaves.

I’m less harried now.  My heart is lighter – happier.  And it’s because I’m sharing this with you and because I am writing again, and the writing is not for work, it’s not going to pay the bills but it fills up my Spiritual tank.

The Exotic And The Exquisite

My favourite flower is probably the peony and I say “probably” because part of me thinks it’s ridiculous to favour one perfect creation over the other – like who doesn’t like a rose or a perfectly skirted tulip?

See, I tried to capture the peony’s loveliness but my camera failed me (once again).   This particular peony was being courted by a striped knight when I took this picture.  He was lost inside her; deep within the golden centre of her loveliness.

P1060652 (2)


For some truly exceptional pics of peonies and other flowers visit this blog.  Beautiful, right?

Anyway I love peonies.  I read about them in Africa – long before I crossed the equator on my way north.

I came across them in a book and I am sure the book was Memoirs Of A Geisha.

I read about their exquisite lushness before I actually saw one and before I could pronounce “peonies”.  I would read them as “pee-oh-nees” and then one day in conversation with an American friend of mine, Tracey, I said ‘I love those fluffy-looking, pom-pom flowers.  Y’know pee-oh-nees” and my friend frowned so hard her face cracked into a grimace.

‘No,’ she said,’not “pee-oh-nees” but “pee-a-nees” with a  soft ‘ah” sound.’

But then I came to Canada.  And everyone I know here pronounces it as “pee-nees”.

I don’t know if it matters really.  I just know I  love peonies.  I ❤ peonies so much I’ve been working on a poem.  In it I hope to describe something of their exotic appeal and satin-like loveliness and how when I’m near them, I fall in love all over again with life.

Do you have a favourite flower?  Is such a thing possible?







Sights Seen (and some Imaginings) on my Sunday Walk

Just before the clouds burst I ventured out and into the park and found this clever sign.Image




Once in the forest I followed this path: safe in the knowledge that the forest beings appreciate the sweet crumbs and dry fruit I leave behind and have granted me and mine safe passage past faerie rings and frost giant kingdoms.Image


On the other side; ducks waited on silver pond for their Sunday share.

And at the end of my hour walk I stopped in the village for my own reward:-)