How To Finish What You Started

A good friend of mine is always buying things in order to ‘start’ things.  He once filled his truck with pots, seedlings and bags of soil because he was going to ‘landscape’ his garden. Another time he bought the hollowed out, beaten up shell of a car so he could ‘fix it up’.   He started on the garden and got as far as digging holes for the seedlings before apparently moving on to the car which despite his protestations to the contrary looks like it has only ever been attended to by the harshest of elements.

I am sure we all know someone like my friend.  Someone who is good at starting projects but never actually finishes anything.  Maybe you’re a little like that.  I know I am when it comes to writing short stories.  And it bugs me.  It really does.  Enough to keep me up at night wondering why I still haven’t summoned the energy or courage to return to that back alley in downtown Vancouver or that Southern plantation in 1910 or that ramshackle house on Sweet Meadow Road in the late afternoon when Aunt Jess is just about to serve tea and disclose something…something of great import, that well, I still haven’t figured out yet.  Because those characters are waiting in the wings, wringing their hands, shaking their heads…

I know what the problem is of course.  I am waiting for the ‘prefect time’ to return to them.  Maybe you’re in the same boat. Maybe you’re waiting with me – oars in hand – for the right conditions.

Buddha once said there are two fatal errors that keep great projects from coming to life:  1.  Not finishing 2.  Not starting.

We’re never going to find that ‘perfect time’ to start or complete a project. The perfect time is NOW even if it doesn’t look or feel like it.

This week let’s commit to finish at least one thing we started.  Are you with me?


5 thoughts on “How To Finish What You Started

    • Thank you for your comment. I think most of us ‘creative-types’ are like this. We have so many ideas that it is crazy easy to start projects but no so easy to see them through completion:-) I wish you all the best with your stories!

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